Hello and welcome to Cooking with Cherie. The brain child of a friend of mine who insisted I needed to do this. I am grateful for that friend, because, one of the things I love the most is, COOKING.

As most people learn to cook from their parents of other family members, some of todays young people have no idea what to do in the kitchen or where to start to even make a meal they can be proud of.

What better way to teach than through showing you exactly what you need for utensil’s, but also the ingredients and instruction so that your dish becomes a family favorite!

Growing up in New England, I learned to cook because both of the parental units worked and since we had a relatively large family of six, it was a chore we all had to do once a week, in addition to other chores dictated by having such a large family.

So, each week we had a menu on the refrigerator showing what was for dinner for each night of the week. Instructions were laid out for us to follow. Sometimes a meal would be as simple as Mac & Cheese with hot dogs or spaghetti, bread and salad. We never had anything as extravagant as Egg Plant Parmigiana, but simple meals that were healthy and could be made by a teenager.

One thing that I have brought with me throughout the years in cooking, is, never use prepackaged foods. They are full of processed BS that our bodies can’t digest properly. It doesn’t matter how healthy something says it is, if it is premade, it isn’t healthy for you. for the most part, my recipes will have no canned or premade foods. Occasionally though, you will notice a can of mushrooms or a gravy.

My son learned to cook as a young teenager and he loves it. He enjoyed working with me in my restaurant, The South Barre Coffee Stop, that I owned way back in 2001. I made sure that he knew how to cook so that he could feed himself when he was out on his own.

So, get ready to watch me and learn to cook up a mean meal that your entire family will love!